Manifest Your Joy.



1:1 Coaching

Change starts with you, within these 1:1 coaching sessions we’ll work through blocks, limiting beliefs and ultimately manifest more JOY within your life.

Corporate Coaching

Through her mindful, empathetic coaching methods and interactive sessions, Virginia helps business owners, employers and employees communicate their needs and goals effectively as they implement key strategies and action plans which will reduce stress, increase productivity and create a clear, united vision for the entire team to thrive with Passion, Power and Purpose.


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“You have the power to transform

your life drastically by shifting

your mindset and focusing on

what really matters to you.”

- Virginia Lauzon



Virginia creates a safe place where you can explore your life goals and insecurities about them to become stronger.
— Gabrielle G
Virginia has been a great help, her advice is priceless! I absolutely love how she can connect with you and offer you her bright light. Her energy is contagious. Highly recommended!
— Yerika S.


MY Promise, my purpose

I want to start a wave of comfort, love and empowerment. My true goal is to show you that with the right mindset and the right tools, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. A rainbow after the storm. My purpose is to help you create and manifest your joy, starting now.


About Me

MY NAME IS Virginia

Virginia Lauzon is a passionate, charismatic Montreal based life, love & business coach who specializes in self-esteem, horizontal leadership, emotional intelligence, and the implementation of impactful strategies. 

Virginia is attentive and compassionate. She is able to connect and provide unique advice and insight without judgment. Her presence is comforting and enriching. She is a very special soul!
— Sophie C.
Each session brings a new “ah-ha moment” and I have actionable steps that I can take away from each session to implement. I am growing in each session, but I am growing more out of each session. Being open, vulnerable, and willing to do some digging has allowed me to learn more about myself in a short period of time than typically in a year. I am forever grateful for this journey and looking forward to continuing on with the help of Virginia.
— Mariah C.
Virginia is the most attentive, calm and yet her personality delivers such great radiant vibes! And she provides you with the best and most importantly uncritical listening ear a person could ask for! Throughout the years of knowing Virginia and sharing important moments of my life with her, she has always provided me with the best advice and helped me stir myself in the right direction. Her advice is always delivered with such compassion and understanding. I am very lucky to have her in my life and help guide me into the person/professional I am today!
— Violetta V.